Dock Equipment

Keep your flow of materials moving smoothly

Dock Solutions Supplied & Installed

We now have a full dock and maintenance program available, including bay doors, freezer doors, dock levellers, shelters, seals, and restraints. Schedule a site visit today to discuss a dock improvement strategy, or request a quote on maintenance.


We have a variety of bumper options available to suit the trucks that load off your docks


Seals provide a tight weather seal with puncture resistance against your building


Shelters are best studied to accommodate a variety trucks and trailers that load off your docks


Hydraulic and manual levellers are available, in addition to edge-of-dock levellers used on docks without pits

Bay Doors

We’ve now partnered with an excellent supplier of bay door materials, parts, and service

Freezer Doors

Freezer doors are now available for cold storage distribution and food processing customers